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Nature's Whispers

Nature's Whispers

The Nature's Whispers collection is a line of jewelry, that combines the founder of Kyan and her love for jewelry design and gem collection. Amal finds inspiration in the vibrant colors and shapes of gemstones, which she collects during her travels. This collection reflects her deep connection to nature and her appreciation for its beauty. Each piece in the Nature's Whispers collection is carefully crafted to showcase the unique qualities of gemstones and to capture the essence of nature.

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Ocean Harmony Mismatched Earrings
Qasr Al Hosn Labradorite NecklaceQasr Al Hosn Labradorite Necklace
Qasr Al Hosn Labradorite Necklace Sale price2,700.000 BD
Qasr Al Hons Agate EarringsQasr Al Hons Agate Earrings
Qasr Al Hons Agate Earrings Sale price3,000.000 BD
Qasr Al Hosn Agate NecklaceQasr Al Hosn Agate Necklace
Qasr Al Hosn Agate Necklace Sale price2,500.000 BD
Tropical Sunset Agate Earrings
Tropical Sunset Agate Earrings Sale price1,000.000 BD
Serene Harmony Necklace
Serene Harmony Necklace Sale price570.000 BD
Bali's Breeze Pearl Earrings
Bali's Breeze Pearl Earrings Sale price650.000 BD
Sold outTimeless Beauty of Labradorite EarringsTimeless Beauty of Labradorite Earrings
Malachite long NecklaceMalachite long Necklace
Malachite long Necklace Sale price470.000 BD
Sold outSapphire Mismatched EarringsSapphire Mismatched Earrings
Sapphire Mismatched Earrings Sale price780.000 BD
Nature's Harmony Turquoise EarringsNature's Harmony Turquoise Earrings
Sold outElegance in Onyx and Turquoise EarringsElegance in Onyx and Turquoise Earrings
Floral Delight with Watermelon Tourmaline NecklaceFloral Delight with Watermelon Tourmaline Necklace
Sold outStrength of Garnet Mismatched EarringsStrength of Garnet Mismatched Earrings
Sold outWatermelon Tourmaline Gem NecklaceWatermelon Tourmaline Gem Necklace