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Kyan By Abbas Almosawi

Kyan By Abbas Almosawi

"Bahraini Oasis" A celebration of Bahrain's culture, beauty, and artistic inspiration. It pays tribute to the island's history, nature, and lively spirit through skillful craftsmanship.

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Sold outBahraini Essence Necklace, ft Abbas AlmosawiBahraini Essence Necklace, ft Abbas Almosawi
Sold outBangle, ft Abbas AlmosawiBangle, ft Abbas Almosawi
Bangle, ft Abbas Almosawi Sale price2,000.000 BD
Sold outWhispers of the Oasis, ft Abbas AlmosawiWhispers of the Oasis, ft Abbas Almosawi
Blooming Beauty Necklace, ft Abbas AlmosawiBlooming Beauty Necklace, ft Abbas Almosawi
Blooming Beauty Earrings, ft Abbas AlmosawiBlooming Beauty Earrings, ft Abbas Almosawi
Sold outBlooming Spirit Ring, ft Abbas AlmosawiBlooming Spirit Ring, ft Abbas Almosawi